This was a project in our P4-7 class. We undertook an in-depth energy audit as outlined in the Eco Schools handbook. From this audit we identified action which needed to be done to make the school more energy efficient. Some of our more original ideas included:

  • An ‘Adopt-a-Blind Scheme. Every pupil in the class has adopted a blind or curtain in the school. Just before they go home they all close their blind. In the mornings each child opens their blind.
  • Jokes placed beside all light switches. We realised that no-one was taking any notice of our reminder notices about switching off lights. So we have put jokes beside each switch which are changed regularly.

In May 2003 all our Primary 7 pupils attended the Young Agenda Conference in Stavanger, Norway. They took our Energy project over there to share with other children. This included an Energy Rap and a short play called ‘Captain Environment and the Energy Snafflers’. The message of this play was that everyone can play a part in reducing energy consumption and that this will benefit the planet.



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