We have been holding Eco School Committee Meetings at least once in every term. The first meeting took place in June 2002 after the Eco School Elections. This involved all the children who wished to be on the committee filling in an application form and giving a speech about why they want to be involved and ways in which they could contribute to the committee meetings. There are eight pupil members, two staff members and two parents members on the Eco School Committee. The two oldest children chair the meetings and write the minutes.

At the main school entrance there is a ‘Green Box’. Any pupil who has a suggestion or an issue for the Eco Schools Committee can write down their ideas (on paper which needs re-using, of course) and pop it into the box. At each meeting the box is emptied and these suggestions form part of the agenda. So far matters raised by the children include compost bins, more flowers in the playground, inserting water hippos into the toilet cisterns and finishing the playground murals. The minutes are displayed on the Eco Schools notice board. All staff, the School Board and Parent Staff Association receive copies of the minutes. The pupils on the Eco School Committee report back to the rest of the school formally through the Pupil Council. Every child at Keithhall attends the Pupil Council.



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